Test Case generation from UML Statemachine Diagrams

Software testing is important and critical in software development. At the same time, testing and creating test cases are time-consuming. But if you already have a UML Statemachine diagram, by using our free-plugin, it can generate test scenarios that you can use as a test case. Two plug-ins that you can add-on to Statemachine diagrams.

Let’s take out this sample statemachine diagram below:

blubar-big Let’s install Plug-in!

  1. Access Plug-in page, hit [Download] button to download the statepath-x.x.x.jar file
  2. Drag & Drop the .jar file onto Astah
  3. Relaunch Astah, if you have [State Transition Path] view below the diagram, that means the plugin has been installed successfully.
    State Transition Path.png

blubar-big Open Statemachine Diagram

Open a statemachine diagram or you can download the sample statemachine diagram from here. When you open it, the transition pathes between states are automatically extracted and appear in the view.
By clicking the line in the transition path view, the target transition line gets highlighted.

blubar-big Export the transition path to MS Excel

You can export the transition path to Microsoft Excel to use it as a test case.
transition path.png

blubar-big Give it a try!

You can try Astah Professional and UML for free for 20 days.
And this plug-in is absolutely free, so feel free to try and see how it works!

Astah, download Astah

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