Happy New Year from Astah!

Happy new year

I appreciate all of the opportunities we had in 2014 to meet eachother, whether in person, over skype, or through email. We visited Astah users in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Austin, as well as Germany and Korea. Our communication team talked with users all over the world – Brazil, Peru, Canada, India, France through email and and live chat.

Each of those meetings and conversations was a vision to create Astah’s new year.

I wish everyone the best for this coming New Year, and as Einsein teaches us, enjoy all the miracles life has to offer!

Here’s some photos of our 2014!

Jan: Holstee / Visiting Oracle
Feb: Exhibiting Astah in Germany / Impact Mapping
Jun: Agile Roots
Sep: OMG in Austin – Video interview with an author of UML2 for dummies
Oct: Interview with Agile Evangelist and book translator at Samsung
Dec: OMG in Long Beach – Presentation Slide Videos for GSN and SysML will be coming up soon on Are you modeling channel


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