Can I export diagrams in PDF format from Astah?

Hi, I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
Thank you for using Astah.
How is your engineering or study going?
I hope that Astah and this blog help you.

This time I will tell you how to output diagrams in PDF format from Astah.
In fact, Astah doesn’t provide it.
However, you can do it with OS function from Astah’s printing menu.
If you want to export multiple diagrams, please do from print-multi menu.

  • Windows 10

Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” at Printer Name field.


  • macOS

Select “Save as PDF” at Printer field.


And then, there is another way to output PDF after exporting RTF.
Please see here about RTF exporting.

Thank you for your time!

One thought on “Can I export diagrams in PDF format from Astah?

  1. Hello together,

    using Astha Professional 8.0.0 and Mac OS Mojave 10.14.1 there is no option to create a PDF in the print window.

    Could you please support me creating a PDF from a use case diagram?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

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