How to create the delegation connectors in Composite Structure Diagram in Astah

We receive many questions about how to create the delegation connectors. So here’s how to do so:


(1) Create a Class, and add a Port to it.
(2) To add a lollipop or socket, right-click the Port and select [Add Required Interface (Socket)] or [Add Provided Interface (Lollipop)]







(3) Now  create a Part inside the Class and add a Port to it
(4) Copy the Interface (Lollipop or Socket) by using shortcut key (Ctrl+C) or [Copy] from its Pop-up menu
(5) Paste the Interface (Lollipop or Socket) on the diagram by using shortcut key (Ctrl+V)  or [Paste] from its Pop-up menu
(6) Drag and drop the pasted Interface within a Class

[For Lollipop]
Select [Realization] from the tool bar and then draw it from Part’s Port to the Lollipop within the class.





[For Socket]
Select [Usage Dependency] from the tool bar and then draw it from Part’s Port to the Socket within the class.




(8) At last, select [Connector] and connects two Ports





Hope this helps. There are are several ways to depict this delegation connector but this is the fastest way to do so in the Composite Structure Diagram.


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