Got my copy of the Lean Startup Book (1)

The Lean Startup By EricRies

The Lean Startup (personal overview mindmap)

I received my copy of  “The Lean Startup” book from and started reading it. And here’s a mindmap I’m drawing (not finished yet) by using Astah.

Here’s the full mindmap.

Fun read !

The first thing I was surprised about the book, is these people writing “ACCLAIM” for the book. Tim O’Reilly(of Web2.0), Steve Blank(the concept of “Customer Development”), Tim Brown(IDEO!), Geofrey Moore(CHASM!), and Don Reinertsen(Lean Product Dev., I had a chance to met him in the UK Lean Kanban conference, where I was a speaker, too) They are my super stars.

And I was glad to know that the origin of the idea  includes;

  • “TPS” — Toyota Production System, which I’m continuously presenting as an origin of Lean and Agile
  • “Agile” — software development movement which I have been heavily involved in for 10 years. I even found Kent Beck in Acknowledgments, too.
  • “Design Thinking” — of IDEO which I’m researching now. Jeff Patton and Mary Poppendieck are also famous presenter of this idea in Agile conferences. I’m thinking of visiting “” at Stanford sometime this year.
  • “Costomer Development” — of course. Lean Startup is a successor of Steve Blank’s “Four Steps to Epiphany”

I’ll keep reading the book and will finish this mindmap… hopefully soon.

(Nov.6 Edit : here’s the second page of this series )

I live in Japan and visited San Francisco several times this year to meet Entrepreneurs / Investors in Silicon Valley area and also visit San Francisco Startups. Because I’m an entrepreneur of a small ISV, Change Vision, Inc.(developing and marketing Astah, UML and mindmapping integrated tool), I wish I could have joined the group and attended a meet-up there! Maybe next time.

I also co-translated Eric Ries’s slides in the “Startup Lessons Learned Conference 2011″(#sllconf) into Japanese with Yuki Sekiguchi with Eric’s permission.


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