“Astah as a Software Engineering platform with UML and Mindmapping” in Sao Paulo


Astah presentation by 4bytes at BandTec : Photo by BandTec’s Flickr page

On November 1st, at an annual event at BandTec in Sao Paulo Brazil, Fabricio from 4 bytes, Inc. gave a talk about “Using Astah as a Software Engineering platform with UML and Mind Mapping” with other two (Thiago and Ricardo).

It was the 4th of “Techweek” that BandTec takes place once a year to invite professionals in the IT industries and give talks what’s happening in the IT world, trends, technology and practices to the students.

About Techweek on BandTec’s blog (In Portuguese) http://bandtec.blog.br/2011/10/31/faculdade-bandtec-promove-a-iv-techweek/

In their talk, Fabricio stated an importance of UML and the power of acceleration of Mind Mapping’s to the process of application development using case studies of Movie rental store with Astah Professional generating Mind Map, UseCase, ER Diagrams, SQL export and also export of C# and Java source code from Class diagrams. They also showed a demo of Astah for iPad which got positive feedback from the audience which we are pleased to hear.

To tell you a bit of connections between the speakers, Fabricio, Thiago and Ricard from 4 bytes, Inc. and us, they are enthusiastic students at UENP and long-time Astah users. Especially, Fabricio invited Kenji to his school this summer where Kenji had a big warm welcome and gave a session at. (See Memories of UENP in Bandeirantes)

Kenji and Coordinator Maurício Pimentel in front of BandTec

Kenji also visited BandTec where is one of the schools that installs Astah for their classes with Faculty Site License to hear how Astah has been used. It is humbling to see how they got connected. Thank you all at 4Bytes, Inc for the lecture using Astah and BandTec for providing such wonderful opportunity.


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