Astah version 6.5.1 Released!

We are happy to let you know about the newest update to Astah, version 6.5.1.

Update to version 6.5.1:

As you know, we are constantly refining our software to improve your experience, based in large part on your comments, suggestions and bug reports. In our most recent release, we have some new features to share with you:

  •  We have added new APIs designed to specifically allow you to get more information of models to help you to develop your own Plug-ins for Astah
  • Added more APIs that allow you to make more detailed diagrams, such as Mind Maps with boundaries and customized icons, or show nested relationships
  • Now you can export diagram images with astah-command.bat in Astah Community
  • Software Update Check and the Usage Data Reporting will run concurrently, and more efficiently
  • Bug fixes
See more information about version 6.5.1 on the Release notes and please feel free to send us any feedback anytime.

Update to version 6.5.1:


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