Template for Android developers now available

Model libraries for android

One of Astah developers, Akira created a template file (.asta) for Android developers which provides class libraries.

Android API Level: 15 (4.0.3):

This is available in
Astah Professional
Astah Community

Model version of this file is 34. (Available to open in Astah version 6.4 or later)

How to add this file to Template list
1. Download the template file(.asta) file from the URL above and save it in the Astah installation folder/template/project
2. The template file “android-15.asta” will be added in the template list and can be opened from [File] – [New By Template] menu

Opening it from “New By Template”


3 thoughts on “Template for Android developers now available

  1. Hello, is there a way to create a custom template for a language such as Ruby for example; I’m a ruby developer and looking to document in astah.

    I could not find the proper way to extend the api to include an additional language?

    Emanuel (emanuel.koseos@gmail.com)

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