Astah UML Macro Plugin for Atlassian’s Confluence

We have released our Astah UML Macro Plugin for Atlassian’s wiki system,– Confluence.

Kyle Miller and Matt Hodges kindly hosted my blog at Atlassian’s blog site.

Hello from Japan!

Astah UML

Astah UML editor

We are proud to announce that we have just released “Astah UML Macro Plugin for Confluence“. This is our first plugin release from Change Vision that integrates Astah with Atlassian products. Have you ever heard of the name “Astah”?If you are using Confluence and UML diagrams in your project, this plugin is for you! Astah is a full-featured UML2.x standalone editor used worldwide by 400,000 users. And now this plugin allows you to easily insert diagrams created with Astah into Confluence. Inserting diagrams is intuitive and easy, just like inserting Word or Excel files into Confluence. (More …)

I’d like to thank Jonathan Nolen for suggesting us to develop this plugin, Joseph Clark for replying about our development question, Sean Osawa for introducing us to Atlassian, and Kyle Miller for hosting this blog and this partnership.

We once visited the nice Atlassian’s San Francisco office, but I heard you’ve moved from Alabama Stree to Harison Street. I’d like to visit you at the new office, soon. See you!

We are also very eager to collaborate with more Atlassian products, including the next JIRA 5.


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