Happy 6 year anniversary!

Last week, 22nd of February was the 6 year anniversary of Change Vision, Inc.

I joined CV a bit after its establishment as a technical support. Back then, our current flagship Astah was called “JUDE”, and had only two editions, JUDE/Professional and JUDE/Community. Most of the customers I talked in overseas were from Brazil and a few from China. 6 years later, I am talking with people from all over the world over about Astah’s several editions, iPad edition, viewer on the web, more features, requests on advanced API..etc. There are more than 470,000 users all around the world, literally, our fan base has expanded to world wide which is quite humbling to see and realize how Astah has grown (Friends of Astah Map).

Astah Road Map

Astah's Road Map

Especially in Germany Astah users are rapidly growing and has been installed in prestigious universities and companies. Therefore, we’ve made German pages of our website to make more information about Astah available for people over there. (Massive thanks to Klaus, one of our Friend’s of Astah members for helping us to make it happen.)

Also we published our road map (Image on the right) which lists some of the highlights we’ve done in the past 6 years. We’d like to make a 2013 map with you. So please share anything on your mind, improvements and features you’d like to see in Astah in the future with us.

At last, I’d like to introduce a cute video clip we received from one of Astah fans from Japan on our anniversary. Oh it made our day. It’s a silent clip with Japanese text. I’ll attach the rough translation below. Enjoy!

“6 Good Things About Astah”
1. Make complex documents to be overlooked in UML
2. Make complex table structure easily visible with DB Reverse
3. MindMap rules in a meeting and for jotting down ideas
4. Easily share diagrams on web viewer without asking them to install Astah
5. Ability to develop your own Plug-ins!
6. One user license available on plural machines even on different OS.

Thank you very much for the video and hope everyone enjoyed it. 🙂

We’ll keep evolving and thank you all again for all of your support.


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