Astah 6.6.4 bug-fix edition released with a few improvements

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that we’ve released a bug fix version 6.6.4 of Astah with a few improvements! Since this is a “bug fix version”, no extra fee is required to update.

Update to Astah 6.6.4:
Astah Professional : Download / Release Note
Astah UML (exiting users only): Download / Release Note
Astah Community: Download / Release Note

Besides over 35 bug fixes, here’s a bits of the highlights of new improvements:

Content AssistAstah Content Assist
Content Assist provides a list of Types for attributes of classes, and operations in Sequence diagrams within the diagram editor while you are modeling, which allows you model faster than ever.


More than 10 new API methods
– Now Sequence diagram and models are available!
Based on our user’s requests (Especially big thanks to Sabrina, Galina in Germany and Timothy and Octavian in USA), we added new API methods and enhanced some. See new API list.
Also with our new Script Plug-in(Free), API has come much more convenient to use to access the models.
Astah Script Plug-in






Learn more about Script Plug-in (Free)

We hope Astah 6.6.4 helps you model and draw diagrams faster and easier. Please feel free to send us more feedback about Astah, because next release should be a new upgraded version with much more new features and improvements!

Update to Astah 6.6.4: 
Astah Professional : Download / Release Note
Astah UML (exiting users only): Download / Release Note
Astah Community: Download / Release Note


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