Want to become a Beta user of Astah SysML?

For a broad range of engineering analysis and further, we are developing a new edition, Astah SysML.

SysML is a general-purpose graphical modeling language which provides representations with a semantic foundation for modeling system requirements, behavior, and structure and supports integration with a broad range of engineering analysis specified by OMG and INCOSE.

SysML Internal Block Diagram

SysML Internal Block Diagram

It is a subset of UML with extensions needed to satisfy the requirements of system engineers, it modifies some existing UML constructs and adds specialized constructs to address the unique system engineering requirements.

Now Astah SysML Beta is ready and we’re looking for the Beta users.

If you have used other SysML modeling tools but you weren’t satisfied, try ours and send us feedback with features you need, since this is still beta, our extension options are wide open.

If you haven’t tried SysML, check out the specification by OMG and play around with Astah SysML.

If you’d like to become a beta user, please send us an email to sysml@astah.net or send a note to us through our contact form to get a longer trial license.

We’ll look forward to receiving a lot of submissions!Astah_SysML Hope you all having a wonderful holiday.


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