Hyperlink’s introduction

By using hyperlinks, you can add hyperlinks of files (*.txt, *.asta, *.xls, *.doc…etc.), URLs and other models and diagrams in the project to models and diagrams. You can attach additional information to your models by not only with Notes but Excel spreadsheets! Let’s start using now!

Range of function 

  • Add, Delete, Edit:Astah Professional, SysML and GSN
  • Reference Only: Astah Community

■Targets for hyperlinks

  • URLs
  • Other models and diagrams in the project
  • Files(*.txt,*.asta,*.xls,*.doc etc.)

■Usage of Hyperlink

1.By the Pop-up Menu in the Project View.

Click  the model and chose >[Hyperlink]>[Edit Hyperlink].


2.By the Pop-up Menu via Diagram.
Click the diagram and chose>[Hyperlink]>[Edit Hyperlink].

2Pop-up Menu .png

3. By the Property View
Open the [Hyperlink ]Tab on the Property View.

3the Property View.png

4. Drug&Drop to diagram editor
this usage is only Files.

Search Invalid Hyperlinks

You can check Invalid Hyperlinks from Project view. But only files.
1.Open the [Search] Tab on the Project View.
2.Select [Invalid Hyperlinks] and  click [Search].


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