Change Font in diagrams

In Astah Professional and Astah SysML, you can change the font of model elements in the [Font Chooser] dialog. There are two ways to open the [Font Chooser] dialog.

Font chooser box in Astah

Font setting dialog in Astah

A) From Property View
Right-click the root package in the structure tree and then select [Set Font]

Font setting in Astah






B) From Property View
Select the root package in the structure tree and then go to its Property view (The bottom left pane) and then click the Default Font button.

Changing Font in Astah










When the Font chooser box first opens, all of the top check boxes are ticked with the default setting. Uncheck them in order to choose your preferred font style. Also checking [All Available Font Families] box will show all the font styles that you can select.
Font setting in Astah




If you are using the free edition, download free trial of Astah Professional to try it out.


10 thoughts on “Change Font in diagrams

  1. Hi Santn,

    Follow this step below.
    1. Close Astah if you have it running
    2. Open “astah-pro.l4j” file with a text editor which you can find in Astah Installation folder
    3. In the file you will find a line “#-Duser.language=en”, remove the # and overwrite this file
    4. Restart Astah – should launch in English

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