Export diagrams to images using the command line

Exporting multiple diagrams of Astah to PNG

You can export diagrams as PNG/JPEG/EMF/SVG by using the command line in Astah. (EMF/SVG export is available in Astah Professional edition only.)

Exporting all the diagrams of C:\Astah_Sample.asta file into C:\Astah Diagrams as PNG.
Exporting multiple diagrams of Astah to PNG

Images will be exported in the specified folder (C:\Astah Diagrams in this example).

Exporting diagrams to images in Astah

Structure tree in Astah_Sample.asta

Each diagram will be stored under the packages which will be automatically created where the diagrams belong to accordingly. See the tree structure of this .asta file in the right figure, for example, an image of Activity Diagram will be exported under the [Activity] folder.

You can export all the diagrams at once or choose which diagram types you want to export by using the following options.

all: All of the diagrams
cl: Class Diagram
uc: UseCase Diagram…etc

png, jpg, emf or svg

Please refer to the Command Line Tool User Guide (CommandRunner.html file in the Astah Installation folder) for all the options.

– If you are using the free edition and would like to try out the EMF/SVG export, download free trial of Astah Professional.


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