Recorded webinar “Exploring User Wish through Mindmapping” now available on youtube

We had our first webinar in May with a topic of “Exploring User Wish through Mindmapping” by our CEO Kenji Hiranabe.
Finally our recorded video is available on youtube. If you had missed it, check it out.

It is a 58:28 long video starts with an introduction and flows as below:
1: Agenda at 4:20
2: What is a Mind Map and Why & exploring user wish through mind mapping at 12:05
3: Mind map samples using Astah at 30:15
4: Demo of user wish exploration using Astah at 37:50
5: Conclusion at 45:10
6: Q&A at 48:40


Click here to view Kenji’s full slide

As Kenji says in his video, he was running of time so had to skip some of his slides, so here’s the full slide that he used in his webinar.

If you’d like to try user wish gathering using Mindmap, use a free trial license of Astah Professional. Your free trial starts right after the installation. (See How to get a full 50day free trial.)

Please feel free to send us your feedback on this webinar or this topic in general.


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