How to get a full 50-Day Free Trial license of Astah SysML

We are providing an additional 30-day free trial license after the initial 20-day free trial that comes with the installer of Astah SysML. Here’s how to get a full 50day free license!

1. Download Astah SysML. Choose the icon of your platform.

2. Launch Astah then your first 20 day free trial starts. (See How to run Astah on Linux for the setup on Linux.) Then dialog below appears to tell you the free trial expiry date.


3. After your 20 day trial, an alert appears and ask you to set the purchased license or apply for an evaluation license. So click [Evaluation License] button.

4. You will be taken to this page below on your web broswer. Fill out your name, email address and a comment for us or Astah to get 30-day extension on your trial.
Astah SysML Free Trial

5. An extended trial license will be sent to you shortly via email. To set it up, launch Astah, select [Set License Key] (The top button on the dialog at step.3) and you are all set!

Enjoy the free trial of Astah SysML!


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