Setting common default colors to models to use in a team

[Editions for:  Astah Professional, Astah SysML, Astah GSN and Astah Commuity]

With some projects, you may need to use specific color to certain models in accordance with a company standard or regulations. Here’s an instruction to set common default color to use in a team.

First, one person configures the common default color to models using his/her Astah.
(1) Go to [Tool] – [System Properties] to open the [System Properties] dialog.
(2) Select [Default Item Color] from left menu(*1). A list of applicable models for default color setting appears. Choose the right box and set the color you want then click [Apply] – [OK].

Astah Default Color setting







To share this configuration with team members,
(1) A person who made this change distributes his/her “”(*2) to team members. “” file can be found at USER_HOME\.astah\professional (sysml, gsn or community)
(2) Anyone who received should save this file under USER_HOME\.astah\professional (sysml, gsn or community) then start Astah, then the color setting will apply.

(*1) If you are using Astah SysML or Astah GSN, select [New Item Color].
(*2) File name varies depending on the version you use as below.

  • Astah Professional:
  • Astah SysML:
  • Astah GSN:
  • Astah Community:

This property file”” contains all the configuration of System Properties, so overwriting this shared configuration file will lose all the personal preferences that you set before. So you need to re-configure the personal preference by yourself.


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