Astah Free Educational License for Students

As you may know already, we are providing Astah UML license for free for students. Every year, we provide a license that expires at the end of August. So if you are already using it, your license will expire in about a month.
We just updated our system and started providing a new free educational license that will expire on August 31st, 2021. So if you are already using Astah UML Free Student License, simply apply from this page again.

Who is eligible for free educational license?

If this information is new to you, please get an advantage of this and get free access to Astah UML.
If you are a student and have an academic email address, you are entitled to get a FREE personal license!

For Teachers

We have a site-wide license called “Faculty Site License” which grants Astah’s three editions (Astah Professional, SysML and GSN) license to all the students and teachers who belong to a purchasing department. This is the right option if you are using Astah in the course. (Click an image below for detail)

Astah Campus Wide License

Case Studies

Read two case studies of professors who are using Astah for teaching their courses to find out the advantages of using Astah with your students.

Get 66% discount of Astah Professional if you need ER Diagrams

Astah UML provides basic UML diagrams such as Class diagrams, UseCase diagrams, Activity diagrams…etc. If you want more abilities such as ER Diagrams, Flowcharts, Data Flow Diagrams, Requirement Diagrams, students can get Astah Professional edition with a 66% discount!
-> Learn more about Astah Professional
-> Buy with 66% Discount

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