Change the color of “Note” by its type

“Note” is one of the frequently used items when you create diagrams to add textual information directly attaching to model elements. In Astah, you can depict them by using [Note] and [Note anchor] buttons.
When I visited one of our customers, he told me that he would attach Notes to model elements to add comments and change the color of notes based on its purpose and contents of the comments.

You can always change the color of each note from the menu, but I’d like to introduce a method of classifying the note theme and setting the color by its classification. In Astah, you can do so by using stereotype.



  1. Go to [Tools] – [System Properties] from main menu to open the System Properties dialog. Chose [Default Stereotype Color] from left menu.
    Here you can set stereotype and its associated color. So enter the stereotype name you want to use to classify the note and choose its associated color and click [Apply] – [OK].

  3. Now when you add a Note on diagram, add one of the stereotypes you set. Then the Note’s color will change accordingly.

Three ways to add Stereotype to Note

There are three ways to add stereotype to note.

  • By selecting [Add Stereotype] then type the stereotype (as the figure above shows)

  • By using shortcut key  – extremely easy once you get used to it

  • From [stereotype] tab of Note’s property view – existing stereotype appears in the combo-box, so all you need it to choose from the list.

Let’s apply this rule in your team

You can distribute this setting file to your team members. So that everyone in your team will have unified rules on the Note colors.
The setting file is “”. You can find it at USER_HOME\.astah\professional.
Regarding the distribution, read the article here:

This is one of many property settings you can do with Astah. Other detailed settings can be done in this System Properties also. Take a look and find ways to make Astah much more easier for you and your team!

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