Breakdown of Astah SysML 1.1’s Release Notes

Hi Astah SysML users,

Astah SysML LogoI wanted to break down new functions and improvements of Astah SysML 1.1’s Release Notes here.


Astah SysML API Sample application on Github

Based on requests from our loyal users who wish to integrate SysML models of Astah SysML with other tools, we released API. We have user guide, JavaDoc on our website and are sharing sample applications on Github for you to learn how to use our API.

Astah_Plugin_development_tutorialPlug-in architecture and SDK
Needless to say, we have laid out the architecture for you to easily develop Plugins to extend its functionalities to achieve your specific needs. Plug-in development tutorial and Astah Plug-in SDK will help you get started on your plug-in development.

Official Multi-platform release
Officially and completely Astah SysML is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Older versions were already working on them but this time its official meaning more stable and firm technical support for multi-platform.

[Align Port] menu on Block/Interface Blocks
Alining multiple Ports on Blocks are now easily done with just a click of this new [Align Port] menu. It even automatically resizes the block to be in the best size as visual.

Stereotype to ObjectNodes in Activity Diagram
Now you are able to add Stereotypes to ObjectNodes in Activity Diagram.

Auto-add {stream} to the ObjectFlows
Now setting “stream” to ObjectNodes will automatically add {stream} notations on the diagram.

[Information Flow Dependency] in Block Definition Diagram
[Information Flow Dependency] button is added under [Dependency] in Block Definition Diagram’s tool bar.

This was a bit of breakdowns of Astah SysML 1.1‘s new improvements. We believe small improvements can make a big difference when modeling. More usability improvements are implemented in version 1.1, download a free trial to experience it by yourself.AstahSysML_FreeDownload


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