Astah SysML 1.1 Released – API now available!

Our SysML modeling tool Astah SysML‘s latest version 1.1 is now out!

What is SysML?
SysML is already the standard for complex and large engineering problems, and its use is growing everyday. SysML creates a common language and standards for engineers across many different fields including software, electric and mechanical. (Read more about SysML)

What is Astah SysML?
Astah SysML is a lightweight and intuitive tool works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to make SysML modeling simple by letting you draw following diagrams:
Astah_SysMLRequirements– Internal Block Diagram
– Block Definition Diagram
– Requirement Diagram
– Requirement Table
– Parametric Diagram
– UseCase Diagram
– Activity Diagram
– Statemachine Diagram
– Sequence Diagram and Mind Map

Since version 1.1, API is available so that you can extend Astah SysML’s functionalities by creating your own Plugin to achieve your specific needs. Read Astah SysML 1.1 Release Note

Get your Free Trial
For learning SysML, comparing with other tools or any of your purpose, you can try out Astah SysML for free for 50 days from here or click the button below!

Waiting for your feedback
Please let us know what you think about Astah SysML, and feature requests. We’d like to improve our tool by incorporating all of your feedback.


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