Astah SysML 1.2 Released!

Astah SysML Block Definition Diagram

Astah_SysML_LogoWe released Astah SysML 1.2 last Friday.
Version 1.2 has new functionalities and improvements made based on user’s feedback such as:

Astah SysML Block Definition Diagram

Copy and paste models in Block Definition Diagrams

– An ability to copy and paste models between .asml files
– Easier to set Port’s flow direction
– Nested Parts
– One click Port Alignment
– Port compartments within Blocks..etc

Read mode at New Features 1.2.

SysML is already the industry standard for engineering large, complex systems.

You can try out Astah SysML for 50 days, download from here:
Astah SysML Free Trial Download

If you have been using Astah SysML already, you can update it to version 1.2 from downloading and installing it from here too.


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