Line presentations in Astah – (2) starting a line at anywhere you like

Astah UML Class Diagram

Alining lines is a simple gesture but could be irritating especially for models that have multiple lines originating from themselves like ones in the figure below. This post will show you how to draw the two composition lines (in pink) faster.

Astah UML Class Diagram

I believe majority would draw this way.

(1) Select [Compositions] from the tool bar and click the LinkAction Class and InputPin, and do the same to the other.





(2) Two Compositions are created.




(3) Then adjust both lines by dragging every connecting point of both lines on the Classes to make them parallel.

Astah Professional Composition UML Class Diagram




The other way is this.
Before you create the compositions, click the third button from the right on the tool bar to disable one option.
Astah UML Class diagramThis option is ON by default. What this does is to determine where you want to draw a line from and where it ends. While this option is ON, starting point and end point is always set in the center of the models. By disabling this option, you can start the line anywhere you want on a model and connects it anywhere you want it to be. So let’s try this.

(1) Click the third button from right on the tool bar to disable the option
(2) Select Composition on the tool bar and click exactly where you want to start the line on the LinkAction Class and do the same on the InputPin Class
Astah UML Class Diagram Composition




(3) Draw another between LinkAction and LinkEndData
(4) The Compositions are created as shown below (the top figure) straight and you won’t have to spend your time on adjusting them at all.

Astah Professional Compositions

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