How to remove the message numbers in Sequence diagram

​When you create Sequence diagrams, all the messages will have indent numbers by default in Astah and that may make it not easy to see the diagrams sometimes.

Let me show you the way to hide those numbers from the diagram.

  • For new diagrams
  • For existing diagrams

    Here is an example of hiding the message numbers by using the diagram below.












    ■ For new diagrams

    1. Launch Astah and go to [Tool] – [System Properties]
    2. step_a-1






    3. Click the [Initial Visibility 2] and check off the box of “Message Index – [Sequence Diagram]” and then click [OK]
    4. step_a-2







    * However, this change works only for new diagrams that you make after you change this setting and does not apply to the existing diagrams.



    ■ For existing diagrams

    1. Select a Sequence diagram that you want to hide the message numbers on the Structure tree
    2. step_b-1







    3. Check off the box of “Message Index Visibility” on the Base tab (left pane)
    4. step_b-2





    Then the Sequence diagram will be easy to see as below.

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