How to search models in diagram

There are two ways to “search” models in Astah.

smarter2 Search in currently-opened diagram

When you want to search in the currently-opened diagram, hit [Ctrl+F] or [Command+F] to open the search field.

Astah, Search, UML

You can search with Case Sensitive or not from [Option] button on the far right.
astah, search, uml

smarter2 Search in the whole project

When you want to search in the whole model, use [Search] tab in the top left pane.
astah, search


The search result appears in the list and in this pane you can do the followings:

– find in which diagram this model is used
– find where this model is in the structure tree
– replace name
– delete

For how to do so, check our this 1 minute tutorial clip!


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