Let’s start collaborative UML modeling with Astah

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When you are working on one project with team, you must do a lot of merge of the files.
Astah Professional offers advanced feature called [Reference Model Management] to make the collaborative modeling easier and more effective.

smarter2 What is [Reference Model Management] feature?

This feature connects multiple files and let multiple-users to work on the diagram at the same time.
When any change is made in one diagram, the change will be visible in other diagrams for all the other users.

smarter2 Let’s see an example

There is a team with 4 members.
Harvey is responsible for common components of a system. Mike, Jessica and Louis are assigned to design each component. When they design each component, they need to refer to models of Harvey’s design.
So with this [Reference Model Management] feature, Mike, Jessica and Louis can import Harvey’s design into their file and directly use Harvey’s design into their own.
At the same time Harvey can continue to work on his design and if Harvey makes any changes on his file, those 3 will be notified and can import the update.

Here’s a screenshot of Mike’s project with Harvey’s common model imported:
(1) Imported models appear in the tree
(2) Imported models will be read-only, so “non-editable” icon appears for imported models
(3) Imported models can be used in your own design – in this sample, imported [New Company] class is set as a type of Operation.

smarter2 How different is this from Merge?

– You will be notified when there is an update in imported model
– Astah can import the update, so no need to merge the difference manually
– All the members can work on one project concurrently by referring to others up-to-date model
– Imported models are read-only, so there is no chance to modify other members models by mistake
– The project file will always be up-to-date and consistent among the team

smarter2 2-minute video to show how it works

smarter2 Let’s try!

Download Astah Professional’s Free Trial and see it yourself

Download Astah Professional Free Trial

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