How to customize a “deafult file” that opens when creating a new file

Astah has pre-installed files such as Java7.asta, Java8.asta, C_Sharp.asta and C++.asta..etc with standard package and classes in and you can choose out of those as a “default model” to let it open every time you create a new file from [File] – [New]. (Default is Java8.asta if you are using Astah version 7.0.)

Also there is a way to create your own file and set it as “default model”. Here is a step to do so:

  1. Create a file which you want to set as “default model” and save it in the following directory.
    “User_Home\.astah\Edition name (E.g. professional)\template\project”
  2. Go to [Tool] – [System Properties] – [Project] then change the settings as below
    • Select [User Template] at [Create New Project with:] from the dropdown list






    • Template File name: Enter the file name (E.g. My_template.asta)






    • Click on [Apply] – [OK]

Now when you create a new file from [File] – [New], your pre-set file will open. Having your frequently-used classes or common models that are used in team in this default model will make your work easier! We also provide a template file for Android developers if you are developing Android apps!

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