Lifeline name does not appear when it is scrolled out of view

Product & Version
Astah Professional 6.8 and later

When you scroll sequence diagram or activity diagram, it should show the names of the lifelines/partitions at the top of the diagram when they are scrolled out of view, however it will stop showing after a particular operation (still not found out yet).

Astah Sequence diagrams


  1. Close Astah
  2. Open “” file with text editor. You can find in userhome\.astah\professional directory
  3. Search for
    • “diagram.editor.temp-name.lifeline” for the lifelines in Sequence diagram
    • “diagram.editor.temp-name.partition” for the partitions in Activity diagram
  4. If the value of it is false, change it to true and save the file (overwrite)
    • [Before] diagram.editor.temp-name.lifeline=false
    • [After] diagram.editor.temp-name.lifeline=true
  5. Launch Astah

Still working on fixing this issue. If you encounter this problem, please send us a report with description what you did before it stopped showing the lifeline/partition names.

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