Modeling using C# with Astah

Astah Professional offers several features that will make it easier for you to model using C#.

Pre-installed Template File

Astah Professional has a template file which includes predefined models that would be helpful for modeling with C#. To open it, select [File] – [New By Template] – [b. C_Sharp.asta]


Setting Programming Language

You can select C# as a programming language you model with Astah.

  1. Select a root package in the tree view
  2. Go to the bottom pane and select [Project Setting] and check [C#]
  3. This enables you to set C# specific attributes to models (Classes, Attributes and Operations) from [Language Tab]


    Reverse Engineering and source code generation

    By installing this plug-in, you can reverse C# source code into Astah diagrams and also you can generate your models into C# source code from [Export C#] menu.


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