Use Mini-icons to express your UML diagrams and Mind Maps better!

“A small icon to make your diagrams more expressive”

Did you know that you can add mini icons to UML models and Mind Map topics in Astah?
You can use these mini icons when you want to make a remark to yourself or when you want to add “extra” meaning to specific models when you represent diagrams to someone!

How to add icons to models

To add mini-icons, select a model/Mind Map topic and then click an mini icon shown on top main menu (the top right one), then choose any you want to add to the models!
Astah Mini Icon

How to add new icons

You can also add new icons to the list.
(1) Open any Mind Map and select a topic (can be any topic)
(2) Click Mini-Icon on main menu to and click [Show Mini Icon List] button at the bottom of the dialog

(3) Another dialog opens, click [Edit User Icon]

(4) Another dialog opens, click [Add] and choose an image file you want to add to this list

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