UML modeling and C++ programming language in Astah

Here’s what Astah Professional supports your UML modeling using C++.

Pre-installed Template File

Select [File] – [New By Template] – [a. C++.asta]
Astah template files

It opens pre-installed template file for C++ modelling.
Astah C++ template


Setting Programming Language

  1. Select a root package in the tree view
  2. Go to the bottom pane and select [Project Setting] and check [C++]
    Astah C++ modeling setting
  3. This enables you to set C++ specific attributes to models from [Language Tab]


    Reverse Engineering and source code generation

    By installing this plug-in, you can import C++ source code into Astah and also source code generation is supported by default.

    Astah C++ import export

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