StateTransition Table does not appear in the Extended View

Product & Version

Astah Professional with StateTransition Table Plug-in


StateTransition Table does not appear in the Extended View.


This is related to DSM Plug-in. There are two ways to get out of this issue:

A:  Uninstall DSM Plug-in
If you are not using DSM Plugin, simply uninstall it from [Help] – [Plugin List], select DSM and click [Uninstall]. After re-launching Astah, the transition table view will appear.

B: Delete Association End with unknown Type
This error happens if the project contains AssociationEnd without Type being set. So if you’d like to keep DSM plug-in, please follow the step below to delete the AssociationEnd with unknown type.

  1. Go to [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Project View] and make the top two options like the figure below​ and click [Apply] – [OK].​


  2. Open structure tree view, now it is easier to find AssociationEnd with UnknownType there. So if you find any, delete them.


  3. Save .asta file
  4. Restart Astah


Then the transition table should appear.

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