Create your own template file!

In Astah, when you create a new project by [File] – [New], a default file opens with an empty package. But there are some pre-installed files you can choose to open and also you can create your own template file and set it as your standard opening file.

Use pre-installed file

Go to [File] – [New By Template] and choose one you’d like to open.


Create a new template file

Create your own “new” file with all the models you frequently use. For example, if you want to use Perls Data types in Class diagrams such as scalar, array, hash..etc, you can create a template file with these Data Types and set it as your standard file.

  1. Create a new file and add classes you want. This time I added Perl Data Types.
  2. Save this file as “perl_template.asta” in Userhome/.astah/professional/template/project
  3. Go to [Tool] – [System Properties] – [Project] and change the followings:
    – Create New Project with: User Template
    – Template File name: perl_template.asta
    system-property 2.png
  4. Now this customize file opens every time you create a file from [New].

These added Data Type now automatically appear in candidates list, and you no longer have to add them manually each time you need them.

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