How we do Astah’s Technical Support

Hello, this is Lily, I am a developer of Astah products.
Today I’d like to share a little bit about Astah developers’ jobs and our technical support. I’ve been developing Astah for about 5 years and here’s my personal duties at work:

We take turns the technical support duty among Astah development team members. It comes once in a month and when it comes, you are in charge of technical support for one week. However every developer reads all the reports and inquiries we receive from customers every day even when we are off  the tech. support duties.

Astah Technical Support

In case we receive a lot of bug reports in a day that one person cannot handle, we ask for help for other developers using Idobata (A chat tool by ESM – works like Slack or Stride..etc). So that we can provide support in a timely-manner.

As the state machine diagram shows,  when we receive a report, first we reproduce the error, go through existing tickets and old emails to see if we have received similar/related ones in the past.

If the issue was caused by a bug, we look for a workaround and before telling that to the customer, we ask with other developers to confirm that this is the best solution.
If no workaround is found, we’ll fix the bug and provide it to the customer privately as a “Snapshot” version – this is one of the benefits that customers who have active support can get.

Keeping Astah in a good quality is the #1 priority to us and the 2nd is not letting customers wait for our reply. To achieve that our developers are teamed-up and everyone makes the best-effort to make our customers happy!

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