3 TIPS to create UML Class Diagrams fast

With only these 3 TIPS, you can speed up your time on creating UML Class diagrams.


smarter2 TIP 1: Double-click to create Classes

In Astah, you can create the most frequently used model in the diagram just by double-clicking. (Classes in Class diagram, UseCases in UseCase diagram, States in Statemachine diagram..etc)


smarter2 TIP 2: One-click to create Models using Mini-icons


Set of Mini-icons of Class

Astah has mini-icon set called “Suggest Feature“.
When you have a mouse over a model, this mini-icon set appears which is a list of models that you can add to this model.
So only one-click of this mini-icon creates the model. So you don’t need to go back and forth between the tool palette to choose a model to create and then diagram editor to add it.


smarter2 TIP 3: Use Shortcut keys

Use shortcut keys to add properties, for example [Ctrl/Command+R] to add Attributes and [Ctrl/Command +M] to add Operations.

Shortcut keys help your hands stay on the keyboard, so more instant to create a model and enter its name. Also hitting [Enter] key can add another model which was previously made, this also helps to add models in a row very quickly. Here’s a whole list of Astah’s shortcut key list. You can also customize these bindings to your preference.


6 thoughts on “3 TIPS to create UML Class Diagrams fast

  1. I am using astah pro trial version. Q1: Is there a way to edit a requirement diagram or class diagram to add attributes? For instance, in my domain the requirements diagram has “type”, and “priority” in addition to “ID” and “text”. Q2: If you can add those as standard attributes, can I also add a menu of standard options to chose from (i.e. Functional, Performance and Interface, for “type”, etc? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Gregg, I’m sorry but you cannot add extra fields. Only way you can do for now is to use Note to add the extra information to the requirements…etc. I’ll add your feedback to our user-wish list so that our team will consider implementing it in the future. Thanks again!

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