3 TIPS to create UML Class Diagrams fast

With only these 3 TIPS, you can speed up your time on creating UML Class diagrams.


smarter2 TIP 1: Double-click to create Classes

In Astah, you can create the most frequently used model in the diagram just by double-clicking. (Classes in Class diagram, UseCases in UseCase diagram, States in Statemachine diagram..etc)


smarter2 TIP 2: One-click to create Models using Mini-icons


Set of Mini-icons of Class

Astah has mini-icon set called “Suggest Feature“.
When you have a mouse over a model, this mini-icon set appears which is a list of models that you can add to this model.
So only one-click of this mini-icon creates the model. So you don’t need to go back and forth between the tool palette to choose a model to create and then diagram editor to add it.


smarter2 TIP 3: Use Shortcut keys

Use shortcut keys to add properties, for example [Ctrl/Command+R] to add Attributes and [Ctrl/Command +M] to add Operations.

Shortcut keys help your hands stay on the keyboard, so more instant to create a model and enter its name. Also hitting [Enter] key can add another model which was previously made, this also helps to add models in a row very quickly. Here’s a whole list of Astah’s shortcut key list. You can also customize these bindings to your preference.



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