Introduction of UseCase Description

usecase description is text that specifically describes the contents of a usecase such as the actor’s movements and helps the understanding of it.
It can be created using Astah professional and Astah UML also.


Introduction of Redmine Plug-in

Redmine Plug-in is for Connecting Astah to Redmine,open source project management application, and assocaite Redmine tickets to Astah Diagrams.

Use Mind Map in Astah

I have summarized past articles about the functions that are helpful to when using Mind Map.
Mind Map can be used for various purposes such as for meeting and extracting keywords from Spec sheets.
Among these purposes, Mind Map is often used as a tool to bring out and organize thoughts and ideas.

Hyperlink’s introduction

By using hyperlinks, you can add hyperlinks of files (*.txt, *.asta, *.xls, *.doc…etc.), URLs and other models and diagrams in the project to models and diagrams. You can attach additional information to your models by […]