Periodical Save Mode

Hi there,
I am Mit, the product owner of Astah.
Thank you for using Astah.

Now, a woman from Wales stays at our house. This is second time for me to be a host family. It is exciting, but I also feel tired a bit. Anyway my family is having fun with her.

Well this time, I would like to explain about periodical save mode.
While editing the file, we usually mind such as “I have to save a file.”, right?
The function to release from such a thing is periodical save mode.  Such a trivial thing might be an obstacle to thinking
I also recommend you to use it not to forget to save a file.

You can set periodical save mode from the menu button.
The location of the saved file is inquired at the time of first save.
By pressing this button, it is possible to save as usual except at the timing of periodical save.


Then, it is possible to specify more detailed settings from “system property” – “file”.


Periodical save mode

    • Reset periodical save mode when project is closed
      • If you want to always set the periodical save mode, please uncheck it. It is not necessary to change the settings every time as I wrote above.
      • If you want to change periodical save mode for each project file, please check it.
    • Operation count for first save
      • I think that you do not want to save the project file although you started editing it. For such a case, you can specify the timing of first save.
    • Operation count for periodical save
      • Save every specified number of operations. The save timing is not the time but the operation count.

It would be greatly appreciated if it helped concentrate on the essential part without worrying about unnecessary things.

2 thoughts on “Periodical Save Mode

  1. I can’t find this in my version which is Astah Community 7.2.0/1ff236 Model Version: 37.
    Is it another feature that’s only in the paid version?

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