Improve usability in 8.0 ~ select and drag ~

Hi there, this is Lily, a developer of Astah.
Have you tried new version 8.0 ?
I will introduce some of the improvements of this.


Easier to select and handle overlapped objects.

Until now, you may have moved the diagram elements you created later, not the selected diagram elements.

With this fix, you can move the selected diagram elements without fail.


  • All diagram elements
    • This rule applies regardless of labels, lines, rectangles, etc.

You can select a parent object that has nested objects inside.

In earlier versions, you can only select the red part of the parent object.

The range that you can choose is widened by this modification.

Drag is the same as before. You can select more than one.


  • Package (Class Diagram, UseCase Diagram, Requirement Diagram, etc.)
    • Model
    • Subsystem
  • State (Statemachine Diagram)
  • StructureClass (Composite Structure Diagram)
  • Component (Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram, etc.)

If you want to know what else you have improved, please look at the release note.
Thank you.

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