Introduction of Redmine Plug-in

(This article is written by a Japanese engineer at Astah who is trying to learn English.)

Hello, I’m ohnuma, domestic sales staff.
This time I introduce Redmine Integration Plug-in.
This Plug-in is for Connecting Astah to Redmine,open source project management application, and assocaite Redmine tickets to Astah Diagrams.

This is not a plug-in that allows you to do Configuration Management for models through Redmine.
But we would be grateful if Astah users who value being able to maintain the Edit and Task history of models through a Redmine ticket try it out.

Works with: Astah Professional 6.6 or later, SysML 1.2 or later and GSN 1.1 or later

■How to use
Please Dowload and check usage from the following URL.


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