With the Astah 8.0, the UI is greatly improved.

Hi, this is Lily.

We already introduced it to New Version of Astah is comming soon!, in the Astah professional / UML version 8.0 the UI changes. The following places change. It’s easier to use than before.

An example: Generate C++ Source Code

The figure below is version 7.2.

And the figure below is version 8.0.

The change point is as follows.

  • Changed the arrangement of each item in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Made the button bigger
  • Removed limit number of searching Include Sublayers (Subdirectory in previous version)
  • Sort candidate lists and selection list items
  • You do not have to open options in separate windows

We are planning to release the next version of Astah on September 26, 2018. When this is released, please try the product that is easier to use.

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