[Compare Project] lists up identical models as conflicts


Product and version

Astah Professional Version 8.1


When you compare files using [Compare Project], identical models would be detected as conflict.
This is due to the change of bundled Java in Version 8.1. Due to this, Astah uses different logic to get the coordinates of the location of the objects.
When you compare files and one of them was created in v8.0 or older, the most objects would be detected as conflicts even though no changes have been made. If the file to compare was last saved in v7.2 or older, the following models would be additionally detected as conflicts:

  • Messages in Sequence and Communication diagrams
  • ObjectNodes

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Updating the object location information in v8.1 could avoid this error.

    1. Open an older .asta file in v8.1
    2. Open a diagram, right-click on a diagram where no object is, and select [Update Diagram]. This will update the location information.
    3. Do this to all the diagrams in the file and save
    4. Compare projects

Plan to fix

Will add another filtering feature to exclude incorrect conflicts.


Bug ID



Thank you very much, Vladimir and Aneta for reporting this bug.

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