Rearranging the order of Operations in Class Diagram resets Operation setting of the Sequence Diagram Messages


Product and version

Astah ProfessionalUML Version 8.1


When Operations are allocated to the Messages in a Sequence Diagram from the BaseClass of lifeline, rearranging the order of those Operations in Class Diagram by mouse will clear out the allocation.

  1. Create a Message in a Sequence Diagram and allocate an Operation from the Base Class of the target Lifeline.
  2. Go to the Class Diagram and rearrange the order of the Operations by mouse.
  3. The Message will lose the Operation setting and it says “Unspecified” again.



When you rearrange the order of operations, use Shortcut keys (Ctrl/Cmd  +  ↑ or ↓ ) instead of using a mouse. (See the whole shortcut key list)
shortcut keys

Plan to fix

Will fix in the next update which we plan in this Fall.


Bug ID



Thank you very much Randal for reporting this bug!

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