8 Best Light/Dark Themes for Astah

Dark mode became available for Astah System Safety since version 8.0.
We provide not only tons of dark themes, but also plenty of light themes.
So you can choose one that fits your personal taste from various themes to make it more relaxing to work with Astah.

Which edition of Astah supports dark theme?

Currently, it is available with Astah System Safety only.
And we plan to support it for other editions such as Astah Professional, UML and SysML in near future.

How can I change the theme?

Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] from main menu then choose the theme.

Available Themes

Since there are nearly 70 themes available, it may be difficult to instantly find one that you like.
So we’re here to help by giving you 8 recommended themes that we find excellent that work both in readability and accessibility with Astah.

Which theme do you want?

Best 4 Dark Themes

1. GitHub Dark (Material)

Dark Theme - GitHub Dark (Material)

This theme gives nice contrast and enhanced accessibility by orangish accent color to distinguish which tab is currently selected at a glance.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Dark Themes (Material)] – [GitHub Dark (Material) ]

2. Hiberbee Dark

Dark Theme - Hiberbee Dark

Pretty primary color combination of yellow, white and blue.
This dark brown surface is easy on the eyes and accent colors (blue and yellow) provide such clear glance at where you are and which model you are on currently working on.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Dark Themes] – [Hiberbee Dark].

3. Night Owl (Material)

Dark theme - Night Owl Preview

For all night owls – stylish, yet good in low-light circumstances.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Dark Themes (Material)] – [Night Owl (Material)].

4. Carbon

Carbon Dark Theme - Preview

Easy navigations with a standout accent color. At the same time, very relaxing tone that is easy on the eyes.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Dark Themes] – [Carbon].

Want to change editor’s background color?

Currently, the themes do not apply for the diagram editor’s background. If you want to tune it up to fit the dark surface, you can change the background color from [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Basic] – [Diagram Editor] – [Background color].

Best 4 Light Themes

1. Light Owl (Material)

Clean, refreshing color tone. This theme gives easy navigation with this greenish light blue accent color.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Light Themes] – [Light Owl (Material)].

2. LightFlat

Simple lighter background with elegant blue accent color.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Light Themes] – [LightFlat].

3. Cyan Light

Cozy, easy on the eyes and thoughtful design with some touches of bright colors.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Light Themes] – [Cyan Light].

4. Solarized Light Contrast (Material)

Solarized Light Contrast (Material) Preview

This theme reduces brightness which is easier on eyes and is supposed to work well on glossy displays.
Go to [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Light Themes] – [Solarized Light Contrast (Material)].

Official guide for theme changing can be found on here.

What’s your favorite theme? Let us know in the comment!
Also, comment below if you’d like to use these themes in Astah Professional, UML or SysML!

Satomi Joba
Astah Customer Success

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