Astah won the “Bestselling Product/Publisher Awards for 2016”!

Astah received both “Bestselling Product Awards for 2016” and “Bestselling Publisher Awards for 2016” today from the ComponentSource, a worldwide software reseller – who’s reselling Astah for us almost for a decade.

Astah is born in Japan, still all been developed in Japan but Astah’s user base has been crossing the border and growing rapidly outside of Japan. This could never happen without the ComponentSource. They not only provide the smooth e-commerce experiences, but also excellent care to our customers which have made it easier for our customers to decide to use Astah.


This is what we recently started – putting yellow stickers on the country where license is sold – and a photo of Astah fans we often talk on the blue paper around the world map!

This award-winning announcement made us very happy today and we thank the ComponentSource for their professional service, customer care and collaboration with us in all these years and also we thank you – users all around the world who have chosen Astah and purchased through the ComponentSource!
You all have made us very happy and we will show our appreciation by making Astah a better tool every day to make your life easier and more productive!


A little history about how we met the ComponentSource 10 years ago…

All the best,
Astah Team

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