Astah Share 2.8 Released – Upload & View diagrams on the web browser

We are happy to announce that our free communication tool, Astah Share‘s latest version is now out which is compatible with Astah files created in Astah Professional/Community version 6.8.

Astah Share Sample

Astah Share


Commenting Feature

Astah Share is a simple communication tool that enables you to upload Astah files created with Astah Professional or Astah Community on the web and anyone can view the diagrams on the web browser. Its SNS like commenting features and permanent links will help you communicate and review models with team easier. Your clients or reviewers no longer need to install Astah to view diagrams. Instead, all you do is upload the file on the web and give them a link to it. They don’t need to write out the review result in emails. Instead, they can directly comment on the diagrams.

Astah_Demo_SiteAstah Share is completely free to use.
Experience demo site to see how it easily works!

You can find all the information and download links of Astah Share from here.


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