Astah on Java8

Astah_Oracle_Java8Java 8 is now available. However Java 8 is not included in the System Requirements for Astah yet. So we recommend you not to use Java8 with Astah yet. If you still would like to use it, please read the known issue below.

If you are on Mac:
Appearance of Start screen can cause the freeze upon on launching Astah or it makes it extremely long to launch it. So choose not to show Start screen in the System Properties. (For how to do so, please refer to [3. Solution] on this post.

If it lets Astah freeze when launching, you can try the following way:
(1) Open the property file (User home\.astah\professional (or Community)\ ( (if Community) with a text editor
(2) Search for “diagram.editor.initial_operation”
(3) If found, make its value as “false”. If not found, add “diagram.editor.initial_operation=false” and overwrite the file

We’ll make an announce when we fix a release plan that will support Java 8.
No technical support will be provided to any issues arose on Java8, but we still accept reports for our further development. So please feel free to send us reports through here.


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