Objective-C Export Available with anycode Plug-ins update!

Objective-C export is now available with any<code/> Plug-in’s update made on March 23rd.

The any<code/> is a free code generator specially made for Astah which our Friends of Astah member Jose developed. This enables you to export UML models to Java, PHP or technically any language you want using Templates. This Plug-in works with Astah Community edition too, so that it is a big option for Astah Community users because currently Java import/export functionalities are built in in Astah Professional only.

At this update, Jose made the two following main changes:
– New template engine (Groovy) to replace Freemarker with
– Objective-C 2.0 first directive + tutorial (Read tutorial)

Both are made based on actual user’s feedback, so now it must be a lot easier to use.
Update any<code/> plugin is available from here.

Thank you Jose for your great work and continuous effort.


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