Hide all the Attributes and Operations from diagrams

In Astah, all the attributes and operations appear as you add them on diagrams. But depending on the scenes, you may want to hide them. There are three ways to do so.

bluebarPer models

If you want to hide them for particular Classes, right-click on the model and check [Attribute Compartment Visibility/Operation Compartment Visibility]



bluebarTo all the models on existing diagrams

Select a diagram you want to change the visibility setting of and then go to the left bottom pane, select [Initial Visibility], then check off [Attribute Compartment Visibility] / [Operation Compartment Visibility] then click [Apply to existing elements]


bluebarMake it as default setting

If you want to show no Attributes/Operations at all on the diagrams by default you can do so by going to [Tool] – [System Properties] – [Initial Visibility1] and take the check off from [Attribute Compartment]/[Operation Compartment]. This setting applies to new diagrams.



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