Add extensions to Astah GSN with Script Plug-in

bluebar_fatAstah GSN is simple,
but you can add functionalities as you need 


Have you ever thought… “I wish Astah could automatically lay out the goals, strategies nicely” or “renumber the goals and contexts ID automatically..”? You could do both by adding this “Astah Script” plugin.

smarter2   What is Astah Script Plug-in?

Astah script Plugin

Astah Script Plugin

Astah Script Plug-in is an extension of Astah which enables you to access Astah via JavaScript or other scripting languages. This Plug-in is officially supported to other editions of Astah (Astah Professional and Astah SysML) but there is a way to get a benefit of this plugin for Astah GSN users too!




smarter2   How to install Script Plug-in to Astah GSN

(1) Download Astah Script Plug-in from this page.









(2) Unzip this “” file. You will find “script-x.x.x.jar” folder in the “plugins” file.
Save this .jar file in the directory below: Userhome ▸ .astah ▸ gsn ▸ plugins

If the [Script] menu appears under [Tool], that means you installed successfully! Now you can perform some features using the sample scripts listed below.





smarter2   Sample scripts for Astah GSN

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